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Spring Trending Jewelry

Jewelry trends are seen on the runways from Paris to LA, but the individual consumer and organic influences make a big impact too. Fine jewelry and fashion jewelry have become highly intertwined,...

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Perfect Valentine's Day gifts!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The best Valentine's Day gift out there is jewelry, because it lasts forever. You may have considered giving chocolates, but your significant other may...

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What's New in 2023 for Jewelry?

Thinking about 2023? Even with the questions looming regarding the economic climate--fine jewelry, real gold, and genuine gemstones sales are predicted to continue to rise throughout 2023. Recent research by...

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Jewelry Trend Update

One of the most prominent trends on all the runways is bold gold jewelry, we are seeing a "bolder is better" trend. So let's take a deep dive into the new bold looks...

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The Start to our AG Brand and Collections

Our head designer, Sherri, has been designing, casting, setting diamonds, stones, polishing and finishing unique jewelry for herself for years. Mixing colored gold, adding diamonds, beads, gemstones, and more to...

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